Creation Search  


This is a search engine design to exclusively search websites of scientists who are Young Earth Creationists. Only websites from PhD scientists who are well respected in their fields are included. The only exception to this rule are a couple of web sites in the GreenSlugg network. 

Since I am a biotech major, I have worked very hard to make sure that the information from these sources is accurate. Most scientists are Evolutionists, but I really think that is because so few scientists have been able to accurately research what Scientific Creation has to say for themselves. Instead all they know is what they have heard through the grapevine - which is generally not an accurate depiction of what Creation Science actually teaches. For example, Creation Scientists do not deny natural selection or speciation, however they are routinely accused (falsely) of believing that species do not change. I would challenge anyone who is skeptical to research the claims of these scientists for themselves with an open mind. See my video The Creation Challenge for a proposal I have for anyone who is interested in this topic.

  NOTE: I have virtually no control over which Google ads appear during the search, or at the bottom of the page. I do not guarantee the accuracy of the ads.